Marrakech in Morroco Marrakech is know as a major city in northwest African nation of Morroco. This city is also known as the forth largest city in the country along with Casablanca, Fes, and Tangier. Marrakech is located in the north of the foothills of the snow capped Atlas Mountain. In Morroco, Marrakech become the most important city from Morroco’s four former imperial cities. Marrakech is used to be inhabited by Berber farmer. Marrakech actually found in 1062 AD and in 12th century, many madrasas and mosques was build in this place by the Almoravids. Ali bin Yusuf also intervened in development of red walls of the city in 1122 until 1123. Many various building also build in this place during this period. Those building have a nickname which is Red City or Ochre City. There are a lot of places that people can visit in Marrakech these days that have a lot of historical stories along the road. Marrakech is divided into two parts. First is Medina as the historical city in Marrakech. In Medina, people will able to see an intertwining narrow passageways and a lot of local shops that have a different things to offer for the tourist who visit this city. And the second one is the new European modern district that called as Gueliz or Ville Nouvelle. This city is offer more modern architectural of Europe that people can also find in another country in Europe. There are a lot of restaurants, fast food chains and big brand stores that sell a lot of modern foods. People can go to Marrakech using a lot of transportation such as plane, train, bus, taxi or even by walk. If people choose to use land transportation, they will be able to see a lot of good views that offered by this city.


Chefchaouen another city in Morroco If you go to Morroco, you maybe able to find Chefchaouen. It is a northwest city in Morroco and also known as the chief town of the province that has a same name with the city. When you visit Chefchaouen, you will find a lot of buildings that have blue color as its color. Chefchaouen is found in 1471 as a small fortress that still exists until these days. Chefchaouen become a popular destination for tourist who come to this place because it is proximity to Tangier and also the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. Chefchaouen or people may known as Chaouen name is refers to the shape of the mountain that located above the town. The mountain is look like two horns of a goat. And horn in Chefchaouen’s language is known as chaoua. Therefore Chaouen become the name of the city. Chefchaouen is come from the derives of the berber word for horns, Ichawen. There are a lot of places that people can visit in this city. Chefchaouen provide a lot of hotels that can be used by all the tourist as their place to live when they stay in Chefchaouen. People will also able to see and visit the city’s shopping place. Chefchaouen are already become the popular shopping destination in Morroco. All the citizen who live in this city make a lot of handicrafts that later will be sell in the shops that can be found in Chefchaouen. The handicrafts that made by the citizen is a unique handicrafts that people can’t find it in another country. They make wool garments, woven blanket, and many more. This city also sell a goat cheese native that also become a popular souvenirs that should be buy by all the tourist who come to this city.


  • Marrakech
  • Chefchaouen

Tourist Attraction

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